• CDR-E07D

    2CH Car Camcorder / 1080P+720P

    • Suitable for record public or private vehicle security video. Apply vehicles as Taxi, cement trucks, container trucks, tank trucks, school buses, police cars, armored cars, ambulances, fire trucks, SUVs, RVs and others.

    • Sony IMX323 Ultra low-light one million high-resolution CMOS sensor.

    • Built-in Supercapacitor offers extensional power supply and ensures video is well stored of critical moment and compact.

    • Insert the card and activate power to start recording without additional operating.

    • Recording vehicle interior and exterior condition simultaneously

    • Complete time, date records that capable displays on the screen directly.

    • Recording driving condition, sound, G-Sensor and GPS data.

    • Front view angle approx. 120 degrees. Back view angle approx. 130 degrees.

    • Recording track of driving routes which can be shown on Google Map when we playback video records.

    • Micro SD memory card Class 10 or above recommend.

    • G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to road situations. When detect a strong shock, system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.

    • Professional file formats, without built-in lithium battery, no needs to afraid of heat and bursting concerns, it is the real black box.

    • Carry on Wi-Fi dongle for on line video immediately download and backup.

  • VVG-CBN39

    1CH 1080P Car Camcorder / External Camera(optional)

    • Built-in 1080P SONY CMOS Sensor,Viewing angle approx 100 degrees.

    • External Camera 720P,horizontal angle 110 degrees (Depend on Cameras you choose)

    • Suitable for all types of vehicles use. Small Design, Easy Installation

    • Optional position for camera setting to record situations of inside, outside, front or rear the car.

    • Equipped with 3 inch TFT LCD screen to make the adjustment of recording angle easily.

    • Built-in high sensitive MIC, recorded synchronize inside and outside of the car.

    • SD card Class 10 or above recommend. MAX to 128GB

    • G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to vehicles and road situations. When detecting a strong shock, system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.

    • Built-in Superconductor. Delay for power off, make sure data are saved in SD card.

    • Route recorded,Displayed on playback.。(with GPS model device only)(optional)

  • VVG-CBN33B


    • Full HD 1080P, H.264, real-time recording.

    • 120* wide-angle 5MP sensor.

    • 2.5" TFT LCD.

    • Share of performance as the entire SD card

    • Records video and audio of a car around.

    • SDHC Card in use, Class 10 or above 8GB at least, max to 128GB.

    • Loop recording / on start recording.

    • Manual Record Events Not Overwritten

    • G-Sensor Built in Crash Event Saved Securely.

    • Built-in super-capacitor to offer extra 3-second recording after car stops supplying power to ensure the video is well stored.

    • Zoom IN/OUT by mouse wheel on Carbox player.

    • Enhanced night view capacity to offer clear image even when under low-light environment

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