• Model 86

    • • Support 2CH (ADAS&DSM) Camera + 6CH AHD cameras to record driving images completely.

    • • ADAS Camera With LDWS/FCW functions, Event upload to Server.

    • • DSM Driving auxiliary warming camera, event upload to Server.

    • • Wide range of power input 8V~36V, suitable for any kinds of vehicles.

    • • Auto recording after power supplied.

    • • VGA or AV terminal video output to connect from the mobile DVR to an LCD\monitor for on-site operation.

    • • X5 alarm input, x2 alarm output, x1 Audio input and x1 Audio output.

    • • Built-in G-sensor , automatically detect crush, trig force recording.

    • • H.264 real time compression chip, Higher compression ratio and keep clear resolution.

    • • Recording format: 1080P、720P、960H、D1 used for different demand.

    • • Complete Video Record List. Overall quick search event log.

    • • Completely record driving video and sound to make sure attribution of responsibility when accident occurred.

    • • Provide AVI convert function to users playback on PC.

    • • 3G/4G module optional, control driving situation of vehicles anytime

  • Model 43/83

    • Built-in ARM MCU for customer functions integration.

    • Two Sim Cards to select which ISP is available.

    • RS232 x 2 interfaces for equipments connection such as RFID reader.

    • One Wire x 1 interface for equipments connection such as temperature meter.

    • CAN bus connectivity.

    • I/Os connective applications such as door, brake, light.

    • SPEED, TECHOMETER, FUEL detections.

    • Two SD Cards for video and audio recording

  • Model 304

    • Equipped with 4 cameras to record front/rear/left/right/inner of a car.

    • VIDEO OUTPUT to monitor to playback video at site.

    • H.264 video compression codec.

    • Recording Resolution:1080P & 720P

    • Graphic User Interface.

    • x1 audio /x6 Alarm Input / x2 Alarm Output.

    • Reliable event log good for quick search.

    • Time and date record display on screen.

    • System initialized after memory card loaded and power supplied.

    • 2 PCS SD card recording against rugged condition.
      ‧Three axis G-Sensor.

    • GPS provides speed, coordinate and route.

    • Built-in supercapacitor offers extensional power supply and ensures video is well stored of critical moment and compact.

    • 3G/4G internet connection support for fleet management online.

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