Front, rear, side view and interior cameras to be used with MDVR’s to be able to live monitor video and save data

Mobile DVR's

MDVR's (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) used in vehicles to provide a remote live camera/GPS view as well as storing all video on a SD card

Why Polaris?


We have 10 years experience with upfitting emergency vehicles with live view cameras.  We provide services for both large and small fleet companies.  We specialize in emergency services such as fire, police, emergency tow and assistance but work in all areas within transportation.

Proud New York Based Business.

cost effective

The use of live cameras gives clarity to insurance claims by showing what really happened in an accident. This would help the claims process to be done in a quicker fashion. This could also help lower the cost of insurance.


Using live cameras means you can monitor and record road activity, including accidents. You can see real-time views of where your vehicles are located and use this for staff and driver training to improve driving performance.

large fleets, trucking and busing companies, first responder vehicle operations, and security vehicle operations

US Distributor of Surveillance System Products

Polaris Surveillance


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